Frequently Asked Questions

Our Trailers

Sierra Teardrops is committed to the safety of our guests. Although we’ve always been obsessed with cleanliness, we are going above and beyond to make sure each camper is thoroughly sanitized and disinfected between guests. We follow CDC guidelines for equipment and sanitation supplies, ventilate our trailers between guests, and clean frequently touched surfaces at our facility often. 

There’s a lot of variation in amenities among small trailers. The nuCamp manufactured teardrops that we rent are widely considered premium in their class. While we offer the traditional sleep-in style teardrop, we also have larger, camper style models that are standing height on the inside, with complete bathrooms, air conditioning, radiant heat, entertainment system, and everything else you need to unwind and relax. All in an adorable, easy-to-tow package. Check out our fleet here

Occasionally people ask to tour the trailers before they rent, and while we are happy to arrange this there are a couple of challenges. First, there is a good chance the teardrop that you are interested in seeing is out on a fabulous adventure. Second, we are at our facility in Auburn by appointment only. If the camper is available to show and we are available to show it to you, we are happy to coordinate to make this happen! Please give us a call ahead to discuss an appropriate appointment.

We do not sell new trailers. That being said, we do sell our meticulously maintained used trailers from time to time and will advertise them on our website as they become available.

We have two T@G trailers (Nomad and Ranger)  that we can attach our Thule bike roof rack to. If you would like to bring bikes, the safest and easiest option would be to rent one of these compatible trailers and reserve the additional bike rack. You can find more info in our Add Ons.

If you rent one of our other trailers, the best way to bring bikes is to have them on the tow vehicle on a rooftop rack or a rack that hangs on the rear of the car/SUV since it keeps the bikes closer to the vehicle and away from the trailer. Putting bikes or cargo inside a teardrop trailer is not an option. Teardrop trailers are not made for carrying cargo, and putting bikes inside the trailer could damage cabinetry or upholstery. Split hitches (two receivers on one hitch) with a bike rack in the upper hitch do not work. 

Scheduling your trip

Much like a hotel, we schedule check ins (pickups) in the afternoons around 2pm and check outs (drop offs) a bit earlier, around noon. This is so we will have time to clean and reset the trailer for the next guest.  Most of our guests ask to pick up as early as possible, and we want to accommodate you if we can. If the camper you are renting is available earlier than pick up time we are usually happy to schedule you earlier, getting you on your way to making memories!

Please see the answer above.

We can recommend a great installer who works all over the Sacramento Valley. He has a mobile service, so he can come to you if you are reasonably close. Steve’s Yelp reviews are particularly impressive! Steve Rychard, Sacramento Mobile Hitch at 916.747.9835

We also love the guys over at Trucksmart in Auburn and Lincoln. You can reach them at (916) 773-7333

To rent a teardrop trailer from us you need to have a liability insurance policy on your tow vehicle that covers a non-owned, rented trailer. Many policies already cover this, please confirm with your agent that it does on your vehicle’s policy. In the event of a claim the renter’s insurance policy will be considered primary. Your insurance agent may also be able to provide you with an inexpensive comprehensive insurance binder for the trailer during your renntal. We carry a full coverage comprehensive and collision insurance policy with a $1000 deductible on every trailer, which becomes the responsibility of the renter in the event of a claim. There is more information on our insurance policy in our Rental Agreement, please contact us.

Sometimes we can (depending on timing) but we have to charge $2.00 per mile for the round trip from our facility, twice (pick up & drop off). If interested, call us to see if one of our Fun Directors are available for delivering on your dates.

No we do not. We care about our little homes too much to risk them getting damaged from the Black Rock Desert playa with notoriously corrosive dust and windstorms. In fact, the Black Rock Desert is specifically excluded as a destination in our Rental Agreement ANY time of the year. RVs and trailers that have gone to Burning Man can never be restored to pre-BM condition. Instead of renting our trailers during those dates, we are scheduling maintenance and upgrades to the trailers.

For reservations cancelled with 60 days notice, you will be refunded minus a $100 cancelation fee. For cancellations with 59-21 days notice, you will be refunded minus the reservation depost (25% of total cost). For cancellations inside of 20 days there is no refund unless we are able to rent the same unit for all or some of reserved time.

Picking up your trailer on the big day

Only you and people named on your Rental Agreement can pick up a trailer. Whoever picks up the trailer also needs a valid Drivers License and proof of insurance for the tow vehicle

You need a hitch with a 2″ ball and a 7pin electrical connector. A 4pin will work for the T@Gs, Nomad and Ranger, since they don’t have brakes. Here’s our article on towing requirements. The optimal ball height will be about 20 inches, give or take. If your ball is too high you can rent an adjustable hitch from us. If your light or 12V wiring isn’t working properly we CAN NOT release the trailer. Please check these before pick up day!

We only require the wires from a 4 pin connector (which are turn signals, running lights, and brake lights), ground, and the 12 volt line. The 12V line provides power to the external electronic brake controller on the trailer. It also has an additional benefit of providing a small trickle charge to the battery while towing. Our trailers do NOT use the dedicated brake controller, backup lights, or auxillary wires of the 7 pin connector.


Typically this means you have run the battery VERY VERY low. Charge the battery with a generator or solar if possible, or hook up the trailer to a power source. If you have to sleep with this condition, you may turn the battery disconnect switch in the tongue box to cut all power to the trailer (including heat and light)

The detectors are VERY sensitive. Open the door and run the ceiling fan (set the direction switch so it is pulling air IN to the trailer) to push out any possible Carbon Monoxide. If you are running a generator outside, move it as far as possible away from the trailer. Check the wind direction to make sure it’s not blowing the exhaust towards the trailer.


We have an excellent relationship with the manufacturer, so if we need to order a new part we only charge you what we paid, there is no markup. We always try to do all repair work in-house at a rate of $50/hour (in 15 minute increments), which is 2-3 times cheaper than an RV repair facility. If a repair does require taking the trailer to an RV repair facility we charge you what we were charged, again with no markup. Our goal is simply to keep our teardrop trailers in the like-new condition they are in and keep them available for guests.