The Alde Hot Water System

The Alde Heating System

The Alde hot water system on our teardrop trailers is great but the control panel can be confusing to some. The Alde provides two things: hot water for the shower and sink, and also cabin heat. There are three main components of this system:

   1.the “electric cartridge”
   2. the propane burner
   3. the circulation pump

The Alde central heating system transports heat by circulating a glycol and water mixture. The heat source consists of a propane furnace and a 230 Volt electric element that heats the water/glycol mixture, which is then circulated through the system’s convectors (like mini radiators) and pipes with the aid of a pump. Because of the glycol being pumped through the plumbing, you may hear a ‘bubbling’ sound coming from inside the bench seat when the Alde is running. This is normal, and means that it’s working.

Digital Controller

  Turn ON the Alde system by pressing the power button on the left.  The power button has a little green light just right of center but you may need to look at it straight on to see it. 

CABIN TEMPERATURE – The top line chooses cabin temp.  Setting it very low will effectively turn off cabin heat.

WATER TEMPERATURE – The second line is hot water temp.  You can choose between mid-level (warm) and full (hot).

A/C POWER – The lightning bolt is A/C power if you are hooked up to shore power 30A, a generator, or plugged into 110V.  Your choices are either 1 or 2 which will choose how many heating elements to turn on (which will affect how quickly the water will be heated).

PROPANE – The gas symbol is propane. To light the Alde system on propane gas, press the Propane icon “on”, on the thermostat.  The On icon will activate and changes color to green.  To switch off gas operation, press the “Off” icon.

If the gas failure code appears, make sure the propane gas is connected and turned on.  If this is the first time you are lighting the Alde since connecting or turning on the propane tank, then the gas might not be at the Alde system yet as it takes a few minutes for it to flow through the regulator and to the appliances.  If the gas failure code continues to appear, turn off the Alde system for a few seconds and then turn it back on.

Have fun, stay warm, and enjoy the Alde!




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