Super Teardrops, The Little Guy Max and the NuCamp 400

We’ve been busy since the publication of our featured article about our first “Super Teardrop”, the bold white-and-black Little Guy Max we called Giant Panda. Here’s a snippet that Little Guy wrote up for us on their website.

Little Guy writes

Our Little Guy Max “Panda” enjoying the view

Sierra Teardrops is well-known in Northern California for making the camping experience as complete and easy as possible with their teardrop trailer rentals. Sierra is perfectly situated near Yosemite, Tahoe, and Napa Valley, allowing their customers to quickly pick up and spend a weekend in one of California’s beautiful adventure destinations.

When making the decision to add a new model to their fleet, Sierra considered several options, but ultimately chose the Little Guy Max. … Our sincere thanks to Sierra Teardrops for taking the time to compare these models in such depth. And of course, we couldn’t be happier that the Max came out on top!

Since then, Giant Panda has been busy exploring all of California’s best adventure destinations and retired from the Sierra Teardrops fleet in September of 2018.

This year, we are excited to announce the arrival of Sequoia to the rental fleet! This T@B 400 offers teardropppers extra standing head room, spacious bathroom and dedicated queen bed with convertible dinette, along with built in solar for extended battery life when camping “off the grid.”

CLICK HERE to see all the details of our T@B 400 Sequoia

We can’t wait to see how many amazing adventures our new “Super Teardrop” experiences this year! Here’s a few pictures from her “shake down” trip to Reyes Point and Bodega Bay in February 2020.

Happy Trails!

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