Sierra Teardrops Stars in a Subaru Commercial! (sort of)

Now that Subaru has publicly announced their new 2019 Ascent all over the place, we’re free to talk about our involvement in the film shoot for the commercial!  Check us out at the 49 second mark!

A film crew from Los Angeles contacted us early this spring to rent one of our T@B’s for a commercial they were shooting.  After we ironed out all the logistics, we ended up delivering our Sofitel teardrop trailer up to Eureka where they were shooting. 

For the climax of the commercial (as far as we were concerned LOL), the car comes across a little wooden bridge and pulls past Sofitel, and then backs up and hooks up to it. 

Yep!  There’s our sofitel as the Ascent passes in front before it “hooks up” to it.  What a movie star. I found another frame in the commercial with a cool drone shot from above:

An exciting and fun experience!  We just hope it doesn’t go to Sofitel’s head…

The Ascent looks like a great move for Subaru, with a great amount of space and a 5,000 tow capacity!

Our teardrop trailers can be towed by most crossovers and small SUVs! Check out our inventory of rental trailers!

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