After spending a winter indoors cooped up from the rainy days and frosty nights, there’s nothing quite like stepping out in to the fresh air to experience the season of color and new life! Here’s three reasons why we think Spring could be the best time of all to get outdoors.

Quieter Campgrounds

As nature is awakening from a season of slumber, you can be waking up in a quieter campground – if you take that trip before school lets out. Summer is the “official” season of camping, so heading out in early Spring will get you your pick of the best camp sites and more peace and quiet to enjoy with it.

Our Pick: Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Santa Cruz,

Less bugs, more birds

The “early birds” will have a much better chance of seeing the actual birds as they return North from a long Winter away. They will be too busy making nests and laying eggs to mind you spying on them, and the trees aren’t covered in quite so much foliage, making it easier to watch them going about their business. Their most active hour (sunrise) is also later than it will be come Summer, so you can catch a few extra zzzz’s and still catch a great morning bird show. The bees and mosquitos, however, are still coming out of hibernation. OK, I don’t “really” know if mosquitos hibernate, but the colder Spring nights still prevent them from becoming the huge nuisance they will be come mid Summer.

Our Pick: Olema Campground, Point Reyes National Seashore,

Spring Wildflowers are in Bloom

This is likely the best reason to get out and enjoy some Spring time camping! Once a year Nature rolls up her selves and puts on a show like none other. From the sea to the mountains, from the shores of the rivers and lakes to the desert, a prismatic display of Spring wild flowers crops up out of virtually nowhere. It’s like the Earth is rewarding us for enduring her cold, wet, dark winter with grace. Here in the Foothills it’s the Poppies that signal the start of the season, setting the fields and hills on fire with their brilliant orange hue that can only mean one thing… Winter is finally over!!!!!!!

Our Pick: Anza-Borrego Desert State Park,





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