A Trip to Remember

This is a guest post from Adam O.

To start off I would like to thank Mitch and Patricia for providing me with a well outfitted trailer so I didn’t have to make a bunch of last minute stops at nearby stores for supplies. I was able to cook, clean, help neighbors, and even patch up some cuts on my hand with the first aid kit. A big thanks as well for being pet friendly. I’ll keep the narrative short on this one and just let you enjoy the pictures and provide some keys if you’d like to mimic my trip.

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to see the Grand Canyon. Currently, I’m transitioning between jobs so I figured now was a better time than ever. Also, it coincided well with a friends baby shower in SoCal. So the plan for the trip was to head to Big Sur for 3 days, SoCal for 2 days, and the Grand Canyon for 3 days. A total trip of roughly 1600 miles. 

The whole thing was pretty breath taking and would recommended it for anyone. The only downside was the poison Ivy I contracted at Big Sur so take head of their warning signs that are posted on their trials. So to make this short and sweet I’ll sum up things that made the trip enjoyable in a list.

Camping 1. Have headlamps, lanterns, a good amount of firewood, and several different shoes to hike with as you may encounter trails that are sloppy depending on the time of year. 2. Since I was gone for a little over a week it was helpful to organize my belongings in sealed totes as the T@B’s does not have tons of storage. It also made it easier when I was done with the trip and cleaned out the

T@B. 3. Consider the season that you’ll be going in. It was nice that I was able to camp during the week while students are still in school. The campgrounds were 50% full and not too loud at night so I could get good rest for hikes. I would have probably preferred the month of October as it did snow at the Grand Canyon, but the T@B kept me plenty warm enough.

Big Sur 1. I would recommend staying at the John C. Pfeiffer state park. It was nice and had some easy access trials right there. Also, it gives you access to the Molera state park which was nice for an Ocean hike. 2. Get a trail map off the internet before you go. They were 10 bucks there. 3. Get a full tank of gas at Monterey as I think I paid 4.50/gal near Big Sur. 4. Plan your hikes, there’s pleanty of reviews online so you can find the ones you like. 

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon (south rim) 1. Head to Sedona for a day. It’s only a 2 hour drive and is equally beautiful. I did a hike back into a canyon called West Fork off of highway 89. Nice trek back into a canyon with several minor river crossings. 2. Hike down into the Grand Canyon via the Angels Point trail. It’s actually harder going down than coming back up. Even if you only make it a mile down it’s still breath taking. 3. Get up early and see the sun rise over the canyon. It’s pretty remarkable.




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