Teardrop Trailers for Sale

From time to time we sell trailers from our fleet (typically at the end of a season). Many of our customers are "try before you buy" so we try to keep our fleet as new as possible so people can see the latest and greatest models! Refreshing our trailers in this way is a win-win for everybody!

All of our trailers have a clean lien-free title. We maintain our trailers to an extremely high standard, and strive to keep them in "like new" condition since our business’ reputation is dependant on it. It's because of this we're sure you will find our trailers in better condition than most on the used market. Unlike private party sellers, you are welcome to research our professional reputation on our website, Yelp or Facebook. We are happy to take credit cards if you pay our merchant service fee of 2%.

Sorry, no trailers are for sale at this time!