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We've dropped the price on our generators!

FunDirector Jan-14-2016 News

GeneratorOur T@B's really shine with full hookups (electrical and water) - unlimited awesomeness means not worrying about the battery or refilling the fresh water tank periodically. But there are a lot of wonderful (and more remote/serene) locations that don't have hookups, so welcome to dry camping ("boondocking")!! Now you have to ration your battery and water and plan ahead much more. And the if you drain the battery down too far, there goes your cabin heat, hot water, and even the water pressure pump. There goes a lot of the features of our wonderful teardrops! We want you to have a great time and wonderful memories, so to make sure you'll have juice when you need it, we've lowered the nightly rental rate of our great little generators, down from $30 to $20!! A built in savings of %33, and it gets better! If you take advantage of our discounts for renting 7 or more nights, that gets applied to the add-on's like the generator too! At our maximum discount, the generator is only $15 a night! These are only 44 lbs, super easy to start, and will run all day on it's gallon of gas. It will even run our air conditioners if they are set to a moderate temperature.