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Trish and I cruise to Santa Cruz

FunDirectorMitch Aug-18-2015 Tiki Experiences

Mmmm, Trish I need a burrito first

Eating HOT sauce next to Sierra Teardrops Tiki teardrop rental trailer Did I mention the hot sauce is quite HOT?

Trish and I just got back from taking our newest teardrop, Tiki, to the Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort. It's actually in Felton, about 25 minutes from Santa Cruz proper. I know this because I had to swing through Santa Cruz to pick up a couple burritos from one of my favorite burritos from Las Palmas Taco Bar across from the wharf. It's a hole in the wall, but good burritos and they make their own hot sauce which will knock your socks off. Okay, so I had forgotten how hot it was, so I had them load the inside of the burrito with hot sauce, and then put more on as I ate it. And then it was off to the redwoods! It is a quick trip about 25 minutes hopping on Hwy 17 briefly before going through Scotts Valley over to Felton, and then a couple miles down Hwy 9.


Sierra Teardrops teardrop rental northern california sacramento rent rentals How to make a teardrop looks even smaller

We reserved #7 because it was the only available slot when I called, but they had moved us to #71 when we got there. Apparently, they have a policy that they can move people staying for only 1 day if someone staying longer needs the site. Not cool, especially when we looked at #71 and it was barely big enough for our little teardrop (and that's sayin' something!) and we mostly had a view of larger RV's butts. Luckily the manager offered us #100 which is normally "overflow" since it's up near the road (highway 9) but since Hwy 9 was closed there was little traffic above us. It turned out to be a beautiful spot! If you want that use this spot, bring a long water hose, since the water hookup is in the back of the one other spot in this area. Luckily the groundskeeper had a spare to loan me to extend mine. Standard 20 and 30 Amp hookups were within a reasonable reach behind one of the trees.

Sierra Teardrops teardrop rental northern california sacramento rent rentals Spot #30

It was so beautiful I begged Trish to stay another night, which she agreed to (why fight the traffic over 17 on a weekend if you can avoid it?) and we were able to move over to #30, an awesome spot right over the river with decent separation from neighbors.  

Banging Around

Sierra Teardrops teardrop rental northern california sacramento rent rentals River climb

Access to the river below isn't for the non-agile. There are steps down most of the way below slot #22, but even that has a steep part with a rope to hold on to but I got down there and back up with Zoey (our mini labradoodle) intact. We noticed another teardrop trailer in the park, one of the shorter home made variants with a really nice bar in the back. Their whole outside "shtick" was Tiki Hut! And here we were in our new "Tiki" building out a similar theme. So clearly we needed to be friends. We finally bumped into them the following morning, who confessed they had been drinking in Capitola most of the previous night. They then twisted our arms into having a "morning beer" with them. I could be wrong, but I think they were Shock Top Lemon Shandy's. We toured each others teardrops, I coveted his bar setup while his wife coveted our flushing toilet and shower. Good people, we're already looking for a time to go teardropping together this fall. Hi Paul and Jill!

Omelette in a Bag

Sierra Teardrops teardrop rental northern california sacramento rent rentals Omelette in a Bag anyone?

That next morning we went down to the Club House for breakfast. Trish had all you can eat pancakes for $3, I had their "Scrambled Eggs, sausage patties, and all you can eat pancakes" for $7. Not bad, but I'm guessing they only do that on the weekends. After a few hours Trish wanted to try her Omelette in a Bag recipe she ran across. The idea is to premix your omelette at home so you don't have to worry about transporting eggs. We'll add the recipe shortly under "Recipes", it wasn't bad!


Sierra Teardrops teardrop rental northern california sacramento rent rentals Tiki

This was our first trip in the new Tiki, and we love it! It's got the larger bed (70"x73") which I really like, and still has the shower and toilet. The stereo surprisingly doesn't have Bluetooth, so we couldn't pair Pandora to it like we can our "Sofitel" teardrop. We'll have to remember to throw a cable in so people can hook their phones and laptops easily. It attracted a fair amount of attention from the other RVer's who are always amazed it is so packed with features in such a small package. A TOILET? SHOWER? Really? Yup. :)     - Mitch & Trish Your Fun Directors Sierra Teardrops