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Super teardrops: Little Guy Max and the NuCamp 400

FunDirectorMitch Jan-18-2018 RVteardrop News

Even larger teardrops!

Both Little Guy and NuCamp recently took their teardrop trailers to the "next level" by offering substantially larger camping trailers that still retain to some degree the teardrop shape.  The original T@B trailer (now called the 320) size is still going to be the sweet spot for many people due to the fact that it offers so much and can be towed with something the likes of a Subaru Outback.  These main features that attracted us to these newer larger teardrops are a bigger bed that doesn't have to be taken down to access a dining/work table, much more storage, real standing height (and then some), and larger bathroom/shower areas.

They both are priced at a premium, so my initial reaction was that they were not worth the price and with competitors like Winnebego with their Micro Minnie and similar.  The Micro Minnies run between 3300-3700 lbs, approach $30K and to me completely fails to be attractive.  Also the build and material quality is less than either the Max or 400.  Same with other manufacturers with similar sizes: poorer quality, feel more "cramped" and are far less attractive.  Okay, so back to Little Guy and NuCamp. 

NuCamp 400 vs Little Guy Max


    NuCamp 400 Teadrop Trailer    Little Guy Max Teardrop Trailer


Technical Specs

Let me start off by saying both of these trailers are very well built and are excellent choices.  As usual it comes down to what features are most important to you.  Let's cover the differences based on what information is available.  


  NuCamp 400 Little Guy Max
Length 18' 21
Dry Weight 2900 lbs 3140 lbs
Tongue Weight 460 lbs 440 lbs
Interior Height 6' 9" 6' 7"
Exterior Height 8' 5" 9' 1"
Fresh Water Tank 30 gal 20 gal
Grey Water Tank 18 gal 14 gal
Black Water Tank 12 gal 9 gal
Heating System Alde Dometic
Main bed 79" x 58" 80" x 60" (real Queen)
Front bed 74" x 38" 76" x 32"


Some other miscellaneous differences


  1. Max has an awning with integrated LED lighting
  2. Max has rear receiver
  3. Max has microwave oven
  4. Max has a second TV/monitor
    1. that rises out of the front cabinet
    2. that can be easily relocated to the outside of the trailer, which has it's own speakers
  5. Max has a stereo sound bar in the rear 
  6. Max has larger more useable sink
  7. Max has a 4.0 Cu Ft tri-fuel fridge  vs  2.7 Cu Ft ac/dc only in the 400
  8. Max has all dometic water and cabin heaters which all repair shops know and can service (also instant heat!)
  9. 400 has a larger 235 AmpHour AGM battery
  10. 400 has 1000 watt pure sine wave inverter
  11. 400 has a Keder rail like T@Bs
  12. 400 has the Froli mattress system underneath
  13. 400 has a black flush connection
  14. 400 bathrrom is slightly larger and has a pull down sink and heated floor
  15. 400 has 3 year structural warranty vs 2 year on the Max



Clearly the Max is longer and a bit heavier, but has less tongue weight for the tow vehicle.  Neither of these are light enough to push around by hand even though the 400 has the usual T@B handles!  The Max has more storage and more features, but the 400 currently is slightly better suited to dry camping because of the larger battery, inverter, and larger water and waste tanks.  The quality of the cabinets seems to be substantially better in the Max.  The 400 has also retained the look of the original T@B teardrop a little more closely due to the decorative(?) handles up front and signature rounded plastic tongue box.  Both have 4 corner stabilizers, outside showers, external storage doors.  Both address the desire for a queen sized bed that is always a bed with a separate dining/work table area, larger kitchen and bathroom, and real standing height.  


NuCamp 400 overlay on Little Guy Max

My swanky overlay composition to compare the sizes


Our decision

Trish and I looked at the 400 first, then the Max, and then did more research.  Scoured the internet for pictures.  And then looked at both trailers again in person.  And then we chose the Little Guy Max.  We liked the rear receiver to haul more gear, having more storage in the trailer, and the more useable kitchen area.  We also were tipped by the larger fridge (which can run on propane unlike the 400's), the sound bar under the main TV, and the microwave oven.  We just like how it felt inside better.  Oh, a big factor was also the larger front table in the Max.  Trish and I both work while on the road, and being able to have two laptops, drinks, and notebooks was a big deal for us.

We also added the options for a front 2-bike rack, 100w solar panels, and the "Rough Rider" package for more clearance (3.5") and some seriously beefy tires.

This Little Guy Max is now availble for rent from Sierra Teardrops!  Here's a fun prank: Go to your local dealer and ask if you can rent a new trailer for a week, while trying to keep a straight face.   Also, the sales staff themselves aren't allowed to take new trailers off their lot (or used ones for that matter) to go camping so they inevitably don't have first-hand experience or knowledge of the trailers.  Trish and I probably camp 40 days a year.  Heck, we've even already taken our Little Guy Max to the coast for it's shake-out cruise.  Gutsy move considering we took our brand new trailer 1.5 hours south of civilization (for the most part) along the coast to an area with no power, no water, no cell phones or wifi, very few people, and weather alerts for rain and dangerous winds the first night! 

Keep tuned for our experiences with the Little Guy Max!