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Omelet in a Bag??

FunDirectorTrish Aug-24-2015 Recipes

We're always on the lookout for a yummy recipe to take on our teardrop travels. Finding the perfect recipe is a bit of a challenge as we are trying to meet some specific goals:

  1. We like good food. When we camp, we aren’t inclined to eat for mere survival, we want Adventure Food! Canned Beanie Weenies are not for us, nor is plain oatmeal.
    Omelet in a Tiki Squishing the Omelet!
  2. We have a refrigerator sized for a 12-pack, and we are aiming to fill it with food for multiple days. And we still want room for that pesky 12-pack.
  3. We pack as compactly as possible, and “crush” happens. Eggs are not easy to transport without incident.

“Omelet in a Bag” addresses all three of the challenges above! We were reluctant to give it a whirl, as frankly it just sounded icky. But we tried it on our last foray to Santa Cruz in our 2105 T@B Tiki trailer and am so glad we did. It was surprisingly delicious and we will definitely do it again!! Try this at home, before you leave on your teardrop trip:

  • Get a quart-sized Ziploc bag for each person, and write each person’s name on the bag with a Sharpie.
  • Get 3 eggs per person and beat the eggs as you would for an omelet.
  • Pour eggs into bags, one bag per person.
  • Add a handful of your favorite shredded cheese.
  • Add “stuff”. How “stuff” is defined is up to you and the contents of your refrigerator. Each person will have their own omelet, so you can customize the mixings for each person. Here are some ideas:
    in-bag Ready to boil!
    • Colorful bell peppers
    • Mushrooms
    • Diced ham or Spam
    • Spinach
    • Bacon
    • Sausage
    • Salsa
    • Chopped onions
    • Chopped garlic
    • Basil, cilantro, Italian seasoning
    • Salt & pepper
    • …Whatever sounds good to you!

If you add too many toppings they take longer to cook. So, maybe just about 2 spoonfuls of each thing. Then, squish everything together. Put the baggies in your cooler to take camping! Soooo…when you are ready for your omelets, re-squish them so that they are well mixed and put the sealed baggie in boiling water. Set the timer for 13 minutes. You might want to add more minutes if you are doing more eggs, or a lot of baggies, or lots of toppings. But for a normal size omelet, 13 minutes is perfect. When the time is up, pull out the bags. Open them up and slide the contents onto a plate! Easy peasy! Now I confess that they do not look gourmet gorgeous out of a bag, but honestly the texture is divine! They really are surprisingly moist. You can fluff them with a fork if presentation is important to you. Add a little fresh fruit and a muffin, maybe some hash browns, and your nearby RVers will be envious. If you had to make breakfast for a group this is a great way to whip up a quick crowd-pleasing breakfast. Cleanup is a breeze too, as you only used one pan to boil water. :-)

done Bon apetit!!