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New HUGE discounts for longer rentals!

FunDirector Aug-26-2015 News

Sierra Teardrops rents teardrop trailers to visit the west coast California Washington OregonTrish and I decided to make it easier for people to enjoy longer trips renting our teardrop trailers. We really want people to have a great experience. You can't properly see the coast of California, for instance, in a week. And what if you want to keep going to Oregon and Washington or head inland? Since the beginning we've had a 10% discount for 7 or more days, and a 15% discount for 14 or more days. That's a pretty generous discount, but we wanted to help people take longer trips and really put together some experiences of a lifetime. With that in mind, we've really increased our discounts for longer rentals:

  • 10% discount for 7-13 nights
  • 15% discount for 13-20 nights
  • 20% discount for 21-27 nights!!
  • 25% discount for 28+ nights!!!

To put this in perspective, let's say you wanted to rent to Sofitel for 28 nights. If the current rate is $130/night, that would be $3700 with the cleaning fee. Subtract 25% now and you're saving $925 ! You're down to $2775 for almost an entire month which is less than my house rental was a few decades ago in Cupertino. I'd say the square footage between the two was comparable (ok, maybe that is a stretch!), but if you factor in the beaches, forests, tide pools, wonderful views and that wonderful oxygen, I'd say you're about 500000% better off in one of our T@B's :) BONUS: We actually apply the discount to everything you are renting, so if you've added on a side tent, a pop-up, and a generator, that all get's discounted at the same rate! It's seems like at some point we would be paying YOU if you rent one of our teardrop trailers long enough, but I'm not a mathematician...