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Meet the General!

FunDirector Mar-02-2017 teardroptrailer News

We quietly added a new trailer to the fleet at the end of last summer and had fun outfitting this custom teardrop!  

Meet the General!

This is a custom teardrop, and is the only teardrop we have that is the "old school" hand-built teardrop that isn't a T@B or T@G teardrop trailer.  It's obviously a military themed teardrop, down to the shovel and axe on the tongue box!  

The clamshell kitchen The rear clamshell kitchen is in theme: cooler, hand-pumped water in the kitchen sink, and a pull-out two burner propane stove.


This is a very unique teardrop, and is a perfect 1 or 2 (cozy) person teardrop for the smaller cars, it's only about 700 lbs!  A Prius could tow it if you had a hitch!  

The bed is the size of a twin: 39x74.  At that size, there is room on the side of the mattress for shoes, duffel bags, etc.  We also have a 10" extender to fill in that area for those that want a bigger bed, which makes the bed 49" wide.

It has a powered ceiling fan, side windows with screens, and window covers for night.  It also has small side and rear tables that clip on with a mono-leg, side tanks (fuel and water), and a battery charger and cord.  Our first customer was a 10 year old boy and his mother who loved the theme.  Mom made some awesome memories!

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