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Instructions for hitch and wiring installers

FunDirectorMitch Sep-11-2017 Systems

Are preparing to tow a T@B or T@G trailer and are having a hitch installed on your tow vehicle, or are having a wiring done?  Perhaps you are having a 7-pin connector installed so you can tow one of our awesome T@B and T@G trailers!  If so, either you will have questions or your installer may have questions that you may not know the answer to. Never fear!

We've put together a PDF document you can download and print to take in that explains the requirements of the different trailers for ball height and the electrical connection.  It turns out that the electrical requirements are often LESS than the installers expect.  Many installers putting a 7-pin connector on your vehicle will expect a brake controller to be wired up.  

If you are renting from us, our trailers do not require a wired brake controller and in fact will ignore that.  Our trailers (if it requires brakes) have a brake controller mounted on the trailer itself and only rely on the 7-pin connector for lights and the 12v line.  

If you are "try before you buy" and think you MIGHT purchase a T@B trailer in the future, by all means have them run the brake controller wire to underneath the dashboard at the same time in case you need that in the future.  


Here is the link again:   Wiring and Hitch Installer Instructions