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Guest Cottages

FunDirectorMitch Jul-30-2018 Experiences

Just in case you haven't thought of this, our teardrop trailers make excellent guest cottages in front of your own house!  Why make guests drive into town to stay at an impersonal hotel when you can put a few cute guest cottages in your driveway?  You can even run extension cords to them and run the air conditioners!  

This picture below is from when Trish and I got married and put these three trailers in front.  Front to back is Escape, Nomad, and Sofitel.  You want to know how we knew it was a hit?  When some of our visiting family requested a teardrop trailer instead of an guest room inside the house!  Should we be offended?  ;) 

Escape, Nomad, and Sofitel teardrop trailers as guest cottages


We have even placed these for customers if they don't have a tow vehicle.  Of course, we have to charge for mileage for two round trips, but one less thing for you to worry about!  As always, they includes sheets and towels and are fully outfitted in case they want to cook, drink, or eat.  Or, watch a DVD while winding down before sleeping.