About Sierra Teardrops


Sierra Teardrops is a family owned and operated business, established in 2015. We rent our well outfitted T@B teardrop trailers near Sacramento, Northern California in the Sierra foothills. This is the perfect spot: you can be in Yosemite, Tahoe, Napa valley wine country, Santa Cruz, or a zillion places along the west coast within a few hours drive.

Our goal is to provide you with the most complete, easiest camping experience possible. Each of our teardrop trailers are in excellent condition, and are well equipped with a comfortable bed, dining table, bathroom facilities, and a fully equipped kitchen.

Meet the Business Owner

Mitch has always loved camping, but suffers from a herniated disk making it unpleasant to sleep on the ground or in a cot. It makes him irritable. He decided he wanted to camp again, but needed a "real" mattress. He proposed the idea of buying a teardrop trailer to his fiancee Patricia, and she enthusiastically asked to get one with a kitchen and potty too! The search began for a teardrop trailer that met these requirements.

Mitch discovered the T@B trailers made by (at that time) Little Guy (now nuCamp), and purchased the 2015 T@B CS-S "Sofitel" model. After experiencing the intrigue of the teardrop from friends, neighbors and strangers, Mitch decided to rent out his precious teardrop trailer. Sierra Teardrops was born!

Mitch has since added SIX more T@B and T@G trailers as rentals to complete the fleet. Perhaps half of the customers are "try before you buy" so Sierra Teardrops has a good selection of different models and layouts so customers can get a feel for what is important to them. Mitch and Trish now camp in them often and have teardrop camping experience in T@B's and T@G's that you won't find at any dealership, and can provide an unbiased opinion to potential buyers.

Mitch personally manages the Operations of Sierra Teardrops, and Patricia has joined him as Fun Director and Office Manager. Together they enjoy helping guests plan their teardrop travel adventures.